3rd Annual Edible Book Festival @BSBPL

Each year we hold an Edible Book Festival in conjunction with National Library Week!

The first question always is: what is an Edible Book Festival?  We ask literary and culinary enthusiasts to submit creations that are 1: edible and 2: inspired by a book, author or character.  We bring these all together, award prizes in various categories, and then eat the entries. read more…

Hot Topics – Montana Public Lands

wilderness study area signWilderness Study Areas of Montana, Our Land Our Legacy. January 29, 2018 (pdf)

S.2206 – Protect Public Use of Public Lands Act, United States Congress. Retrieved March 5, 2018

H.R.5149 – To provide that certain wilderness study areas in Montana have been adequately studied for wilderness designation,  United States Congress. Retrieved March 5, 2018

WSA release bill risks too much, Independent Record. February 12, 2018

A Montana bill takes aim at wilderness study areas, High Country News. February 3, 2018

Americans want to protect public lands, Congress should listen, The Hill. March 1, 2018

Gianforte aims to release 29 wilderness study areas; critics contend lack of public process, The Missoula Current. March 2, 2018

Gianforte Follows Daines’ Lead and Shuts Montanans Out, Montana Wilderness Association. March 2, 2018

Outdoor Recreation Is a Bigger Economic Booster Than Mining, Earther. February 15, 2018


Film Noir Series with David Abrams


Wednesday nights are about to get dark and dangerous at the Library.


Join us for a new film series featuring classic film noir movies from the 1940s and 50s, a cinematic style full of dark streets, dangerous dames, and double-crosses. Many of you might be familiar with the term “film noir” (or, like me, you may already be a huge fan of these movies), but if not, you’ll see some great examples of the genre at the Library, including The Maltese Falcon, Double Indemnity, and Touch of Evil (see below for the complete list).

read more…

Adulting 101: Personal Finance

Adulting 101’s inaugural session will be about Personal Finances.  Below is an outline of the class, what will be covered, and outside sources to further your learning.

Possible Topics:

Money Management


Earning Power


Financial Services


Living debt free

About Credit Scores


MSU Extension Family Economics  

MSU Extension Slid Finances


National Foundation for Credit Counseling