A Butte-Silver Bow Public Library card is available to any resident of Silver-Bow County who completes a registration card and provides a picture ID with current address. If you do not have a picture ID with current address, you may provide two of the following:

bsb_librarycarda. voter registration card

b. check book

c. bills

d. letter with postmark (only one personal letter)

e. food stamp card

f. other official materials or correspondence

Students at any school located in Butte-Silver Bow may receive a library card by presenting a current school ID. Children with a parent may obtain a library card if the parent has a library card or adequate identification.

You can begin a library card application online.

There is a limit of 25 items that may be checked out at any one time, or may be held out altogether at any time by a library patron. In addition, there is a limit of 3 items on either one topic or one author.