Computer Assistance

The BSBPL Nerd Herd offers 3 outreach opportunities for Tech Help.

First Thursday 10-12  Belmont Senior Center

Second Thursday 10-12 Big Sky Senior Living

Third Thursday 10-12 The Springs




Drop in one-on-one help is still available at our uptown branch. Please call 406-723-3361 or stop by the second floor Reference Desk.

Computers 101

Computer basics

In this class you’ll take a tour of the computer and learn some terms that will help you ask better questions.


Using a keyboard and mouse is essential for interacting with computers.  This class will introduce you to some online tools to improve your skills.


This class will help you know more about what the internet is and how to search, find the right information, and be safer online.


This class is for setting up an email or just learning how to use your program better.  We’ll cover sending, receiving, replying as well as attachments and organizing.

Document management

Learn how to navigate Windows 10’s file system. You also learn how to create folders and organize your files. Finally, you will learn how the Recycle Bin works.  Also how to back up your information in order to avoid disasters.

Typing/keyboard practice

Typing skills are learned by practice–teaching your mind the fingers to talk to each other.  This simply takes time.  Below are some free online tutorials that will walk you through the steps to improve your typing.


Learn Typing



Word processing

Word basics

Take a tour of Word processing.  Discover features and functions of the program.  Learn basic formatting, page set up, and font options.

Word advanced

Word has a lot more to offer than just word processing.  Learn how to add photos, graphics, and design to any document.  We’ll also cover mail merge and how to personal a form letter.


Excel beginner

Excel is a powerful spreadsheet program that can organize your information, do complex calculations, and automate many functions.  In this class we’ll take a tour of the program and learn how to get started using it.

Excel intermediate

We’ll continue our work with Excel.  We’ll cover charts and graphs as well as formatting, filtering, and sorting.

Excel advanced

We’ll finish off excel with more advanced functions and formulas as well as conditional formatting.

Pictures and Presentations


Publisher is a graphics program that makes creating flyers, posters, and letters easy.  We’ll tour the program and learn its basic functions.


PowerPoint makes presentations easy.  It allows users to create slide shows with pictures, information, or text.  We’ll tour the program and learn its basic functions.


GIMP is a free version of Photoshop.   This photo manipulation and image creation program is for the more advanced user, but very handy once you get the hang of it.

Buying and Selling Online


Lean how to set up an eBay account, located items on which to bid, and how to use PayPal to pay for the items you win.  Learn how to convert your eBay account into a seller’s account, create listings for items you want to sell, and manage your auctions.


This class will cover how to post items for sale, how to search for that item you are looking to purchase, and how to do this all safely.  Bring your SD card or flash drive with a photo if you want hands-on experience posting for sales, or bring a description of that perfect item for which you have been searching.



Learn how to create a Facebook account, set up your privacy and security preferences, and find friends. You will also learn how to upload photos to your account.

Google Drive

Google Drive

Learn about the Cloud and how to use Google Drive to store files and information to the Cloud. Explore how Google Drive can help you collaborate on projects and organize your life.

Parental Controls

Parental Controls

Computers can open up the world to kids, but how do parents keep them safe online?  This class show you how to use the systems already on your devices to limit what content kids can view, set screen time, and keeps kids from downloading apps.



Learn how to set up and interact with your digital tablet. If you do not already own one, join use for shopping tips.  Learn how to find and install apps on your tablet. You will also learn how to organize them and uninstall ones you do not need.

Library eBooks & Audiobooks

Library eBooks/Audiobooks

Learn how to check out and read eBooks from the library using your computer, eReader, smartphone, digital tablet, or Kindle.

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