Butte Ukulele Club: Information and Updates

UkeClub2It has been an awesome five months of Ukulele Club meetings at the Butte Public Library! We held fun theme days and learned lots of new skills in the process. The Butte Ukulele Club is separate from the occasional series of ukulele lessons we offer at the library. The club meets once a month on a Saturday from 1-3pm. Ukuleles are available for advance reservation to use during the club meetings. Information for upcoming meetings is posted approximately one month in advance. Chord charts are also uploaded in our Facebook group approximately two weeks prior to the club for members to practice.

The first 30 minutes of the meeting there is always a beginner or intermediate crash course. Some things you might learn in the beginner course include: string names, simple strumming patterns, a few basic chords, and how to read a chord chart. Never picked up an instrument? Don’t worry! The beginner crash course is presented at a slow pace. Some things you might learn in the intermediate course include: simple riffs (sometimes with TAB), more advanced strumming patterns, and whatever we feel like throwing at you!

merThe last hour and a half of the club we play through chord charts. A chord chart is a lyric sheet with chords above the lyrics that show you where to change chords in the song. If you are new to the ukulele and you cannot play chords yet, we can give you one chord to strum for each song. Just remember, we love beginners! Our club environment is laid back, and you will not be put on the spot. We average 15-20 members each meeting, so it is easy to blend in. Children and teens are also welcome, but children (12 or under) must be supervised by an adult.

Last month’s theme was 1970s day and it was so groovy! We played through songs like You’re So Vain, Only the Good Die Young, Take it Easy, and Go Your Own Way. In the intermediate class, we learned the riffs for More Than a Feeling and Summer Breeze. Rob McClain led us through Dust in the Wind and we even heard some original pieces by Meredith Ludford and Scott Schneiter. It was such a fun day!

ukeclub3Interested? Join us next month for 1960s day as we play through unforgettable tunes from a great decade! Our next meeting will be Saturday, April 18th from 1-3pm. For more information, contact Marian at programming.bsbpl@gmail.com or call (406) 723-3361 x 6302 today.