First Fridays: Sumo Wrestling

The library will kick off it Japan: Art, Language, & Culture series with out January First Fridays.  We will explore Sumo Wrestling.  This Japanese sport is highly ritualized and has strong Shinto religious meaning.  We will view a series of documentaries that explore the history, present, and future of the sport.

Sumo 101 (National Geographic) Girth, grit and training can bring victory in Japan’s most beloved traditional sport. Sumo wrestling dates back to Shinto ceremonies more than 1,000 years old; its traditions dictate everything from pre-show rituals to the wrestlers’ diet.

Ireland’s First Sumo (BBC) Colin Carrot becomes Ireland’s first sumo wrestler at the World Sumo Wrestling Championships in Japan.

Little Miss Sumo (Netflix) A female sumo wrestler fights against tradition and stigma to win her place in the ring.