Parental Controls

Children’s online life begins very early and sometimes they advance faster than their parents are prepared for.  Below are videos and step by step handouts on how to set parental controls for your computers and devices.

Parental Controls can limit not only the kinds of games and apps that can be used, they can also set time limits and what time of day a device can be used.  They cannot, however, prevent bullying.  Although, if a child is being bullied through a certain website or app (i.e. Instagram, SnapChat), those apps can be removed from the device and prevented from being downloaded again.

While Parental Controls are a great tool in the battle to keep our children safe online, there is no substitute for interaction with kids while they’re online.  Let your kids know about your expectations, Be sure to discuss with them about what they should do when face with bullying online.  Above all, talk with them about their interactions with people online–you discuss what to do when a stranger approaches them in the real world, be sure to include the virtual world too.

The internet can be a wonderful place for children to learn and interact with others, but parents need to take steps to ensure their safety.

Below are step by step instructions for Windows 7 and Windows 10 machines. Windows creates parental controls by having users create multiple profiles.  The parent’s profile should be the administrator and password protected.   Windows 7 and earlier versions, these profiles are created locally.  Windows 10 and presumable later versions, these profiles are created on

Parental Controls for Windows 7

Parental Controls for Windows 10

Parental controls and privacy settings for Apple products is based on Apple Ids and the set up of separate accounts.  The trick to remember with Apple phones, you must set up a pin in order to make changes.  Remember this pin as it is not retrievable.

Parental Controls for Apples

Parental controls for Samsung phones and tablets again uses the creation of separate accounts.  However, while you must create a password, it is not as dire as Apple pins and can be retrieved.

Parental Controls Samsung devices

Probably the first interaction your child will want with the online world is YouTube.  As an adult, you may have consulted a video or two in order to fix something, but for kids YouTube is better than cable television.  Youtubers are wildly popular among the young.  The thing for parents to watch for are video which may feature a favorite character, like Sonic, but which have been dubbed by others with a twisted script not at all like the original cartoon.