3rd Annual Edible Book Festival @BSBPL

Each year we hold an Edible Book Festival in conjunction with National Library Week!

The first question always is: what is an Edible Book Festival?  We ask literary and culinary enthusiasts to submit creations that are 1: edible and 2: inspired by a book, author or character.  We bring these all together, award prizes in various categories, and then eat the entries.

This international festival has been held since 2000.  BSBPL started their festival a few years ago and have invited the public, local restaurants, and edible bibliophiles in Butte to participate.

This year’s festival is on April 7th (Saturday before National Library Week).  The festival begins at 3:00 on the third floor of the uptown branch.  Entrees can be dropped off between 1:30-2:30.

For more information, please contact Shari Curtis 723-3361 or scurtis@buttepubliclibrary.info.